Sunday, September 14, 2008

4th Challenge-Landscape extention.

Being that there is only one person that did an entree this week I will be extending this Challenge to next Friday. Sorry about the late challenge, But I have been preparing myself for Ottawa International Animation Festival. This is always a good time and a good opportunity to meet other animators and artist. The next Challenge update will be on October 3rd, This will give All challenger time to ether fix a submission or do a challenge that they didn't have time for. The next submission starting October 3rd is going to be a month long so make sure to mark your calendar.

I hope to see you all in Ottawa,


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ishbeth said...

i want o leave a comment in reference to the portland animation festival. I am open to hold a few students and friend who would like to visit a stay for the festival. please let me know.
start planning now!
734 341 5381