Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Challenge begins

Hello All, My name is Jared Hart and welcome to Art Club. The purpose of this blog is not a competition but like it says a challenge. Each week after August 7th, I will be posting new challenges for everyone to do. The challenges are what you make of it Sketch, Drawing, Sculpture, or Painting art is art challenge yourself with something new. If you think of a new challenge that hasn't been done yet then let me know.

*Bulldog Challenge*: Make a Bulldog in your image (I did a google image search for a bulldog for my refrances.) 


Stephanie Fargo said...



Here's my entry, Jared. I didn't know where to put it, if it's the wrong place to send it in, please redirect me. ^_^


ishbeth said...

so we have until the 7th to finish our bulldog? this is sweet jared. i needed something to keep me busy while i look for a job.